B flat chromatic scale flute

This will test the flute players knowledge of fingerings of the chromatic scale from third line Bb to Bb above the staff. It will include references to left hand pinky and right hand pinky. It measures knowledge of one octave from Bb to Bb. I am now typing for the sake of typing..... the chromatic scale on different notes and do 2 octaves (or 3 if its C, or B if u have a B key) and u'll find if u can start from anywhere u'll handle it well. like everything else, these just need practice, start slow and u'll get there in no time good luck! Be able to play from memory the following major scales (one octave) and a chromatic scale (one octave). Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Sax: C, F and G major scales and chromatic scale Trumpet: C and G major scales (F major scale an optional extra) and chromatic scale Oboe, Flute, Lower Brass: C, F, G and B flat major scales and chromatic The scales range from 3-4 octaves for the violin, and are arranged according to flats and sharps (0-6). Each major scale is followed by its corresponding minor scale. In addition, each major scale has an arpeggio; each minor scale includes a natural, harmonic, and melodic version and has an arpeggio. Scales Start studying Grade 2 flute scales. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.