Approximating square roots practice

Worksheet 8.2 – Estimating Square Roots Name: _____ Complete the following exercises on this worksheet, using the answer key as a guide, and then submit by e-mail. perfect squares are called square roots.Both 5 ? 5 and (25)(25) equal 25.So, 25 has two square roots, 5 and 25.A radical sign , Ïw, is the symbol used to indicate the positive square root of a number.So, Ï25w 5 5. ©A w2z0 t1 d23 LKmu3tpax jS Po XfHtKwpadrJeM KLILwCW.A c PA IlqlC Brzi Bg whxtSs K mrSeLs OeJruv Ne7dz. T d mMnaMdpe i 1w ti WtnhI SIfn xf NiRn 7i6t zeP tPFrFex-ZAMlwgQe4b frRau.e Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC Find the linear approximation of the function about a = 0. Use it to approximate the square root of 0.9. Applets Best Linear Approximation Videos See short videos of worked problems for this section. Quiz. Take a quiz. Exercises See Exercises for 2.14 Linear Approximations (PDF). square root of a number A square root of a number n is a number whose square is equal to n, that is, a solution of the equation x2 = n. The positive square root of a number n, written n, is the positive number whose square is n. Example: Both 5 and -5 are square roots of 25, because 5 = 25 and 2 (-5) = 25. The positive square root of 25 is 5.2