Self powered bluetooth cassette adapter

With regards to adding DVR capabilities to a Wally receiver: Dish states that if you want to turn your Wally receiver into a DVR, you need a USB 2.0, 500 GB - 2 TB capacity, and self-powered or internal-powered (not pulling power off the USB connection). I've seen a few comments on this forum... SZMDLX USB Bluetooth 5.0+EDR Adapter, Mini Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver, HiFi Wireless Audio Adapter with 3.5mm AUX for Car Headphones PC TV Home Stereo, USB Power Supply, No Driver Required 2.9 out of 5 stars 21 Insten Car Cassette Tape Deck Adapter Review. One of the best cassette adapters is made by Insten who have created a universal solution that allows you to listen to music from all types of electronic devices including your CD Player, MiniDisk Player, iPod, mini disk player and much more. Vintage Becker Radio. Has not been tested. looks like it has been in contact with alot of water. maybe good for parts. _____ Please see pictures for details Buyer pays for shipping cost and PayPal fees will respond to emails M-F 9am-5pm Please visit for more parts This Bluetooth adapter is designed like an old cassette tape and connects with mobile phones, MP3 players, PCs, PDAs and other devices that support the wireless Bluetooth technology. Features: Bluetooth audio tapes adapter specification: Version 1.2, Class 2, 10meters Car charger inp I found this bluetooth cassette adapter, but it's $60 and only lasts 8 hours per charge. Is there an adapter that lasts for at least 15 hours of playback for less than $40, perhaps one that uses the cassette spindle drive to augment (or replace) the battery altogether? Take both the Bluetooth headset and cassette adapter apart and replace the cassette adapter's transmitting wire with the Bluetooth wires and circuit board you removed from the headset. Place the board and solder the wires inside the adapter, attaching it to the metal head inside.