Thaumcraft 6 flux phage

Golem Animation Core (Harvest) is an item added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. The golems equipped with this animation core will harvest all fully-grown plants in their radius. Order Upgrade will make them attempt to replant the plant they have harvested. Flux represents a chaotic overflow of magic. It is produced by various magical devices, and it is also the end-stage of the corruption in which Taint inflicts upon logs of wood. Flux comes in two forms, gaseous ("flux gas") and liquid ("flux goo"). Both will inflict the Taint status effect on contact, but the gas flows upwards while the liquid flows downwards. Like other fluids, both can also ... The lytic protein, P5, is contained between the P8 nucleocapsid shell and the viral envelope. The completed phage progeny remain in the cytosol until sufficient levels of the lytic protein P5 degrade the host cell wall. The cytosol then bursts forth, disrupting the outer membrane, releasing the phage. The bacterium is killed by this lysis. Flux Phage is an effect added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. During this effect all operation with Vis from wands the player performs cost 20% more. Can be obtained by player as a Warp event. Does not stack with Flux Flu, only the highest level debuff is applied.